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Omega Group Inc. is searching for companies engaged in innovative developments. After we thoroughly audit a new corporation, we analyze its projects. If our experts see any outlooks for further mass distribution, we place our investment with this company to generate dividends. This market requires fine analysis, so we hire the best professionals to do this.

We focus on the corporations engaged in robotics for military production and household. The demand for such products is growing on daily basis, and you probably used them too. They range from robot vacuum cleaners by iRobot Corporation (produced since 2002) to multi-copters, such as Parrot A.R. Omega designed for photo and video shooting. The robotics keep developing faster every year to make our lives easier.

The multi-copters are widely used in military production, and the need of this industry for new models is growing every minute.

We want to offer our global investors a reliable and lucrative source of constant income, which is generated from innovative technologies and involves minimal risks.Our investment plans are tailored for any and all investors.

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With our affiliate program, you can earn without having an active deposit.We want you to stay secure, so we use a licensed script, SSL encryption and DDOS-protected hosting.We are going to take every effort to become the best investment platform in this field. We wish our investors stable earnings in the emerging robotics industry!

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